"UR drone 2"- frame updates

We want to update info on "UR drone 2" frame, as we heard some concerns about frame quality from consumers.

There appeared such a questions, like:

  • Why is it saw RAW?

  • Why is it not SMOOTH and pretty?

  • Is it a bad quality 3D print?


We use PP(polypropylene) material for making frame particularly for "UR drone 2", and 1st version of this drone were made RAW due to it needed specifications for race quad, such as: durability, contact absorption, lightweight.

But now we have 2nd version of frame with SMOOTH look and touch. For sure better looking, but still lightweight, durable, just a little less contact absorption.

Now you can choose which one fits you and your flying best at our "UR drone 2" and frame product pages.

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