Z-drone project for law enforcement, military, security sectors.

We are glad to present our new Z-drone project for law enforcement, military, security sectors. The Z-series ultra-compact drones project offers a new perspective on standardized reconnaissance and / or loitering ammunition for infantry, light and medium combat vehicles. This concept we introduced exhibiting at Milipol 2019 y., Paris and it is a new direction for Aguona drones, which will add more value to us and our customers portfolio.


  • Optical and / or infrared cameras

  • Combine with war heads of various payload weights ( 0.2-2 kg) and types

  • The range is up to 15 km, autonomy 25+ minutes

  • VLS (vertical launching system) can contain up to 200 drones on 1 sq.m.

Nova days research material and experience with ATGM(Anti-tank guided missile) demonstrates that up to 98% of launches are for unarmored targets. The use of Z-drones allows you to hit these targets with a much cheaper means of destruction, varying the degree of damaging capabilities - from the minimum collateral damage to the maximum possible. Such a drone system gives maneuverability and reach objects at very near distances what is very important when you have to avoid walls, to fly inside the buildings or just from the behind of the aimed target.

Drone industry has to be ever changing, because what is trending today can be bypassed by threats in some period that is way we always look forward to innovate this field and stay competitive.

We have developed the concept, but there still left work to be done at software side, creating remote controller, programming, etc. To start produce the end product we are aiming those development challenges to accept and overcome with finding cooperation or partnership, to split the work, invest human resources, know-how, time and money into needed sectors.

Z-drone animated video intro:

Z-drone concept at Milipol 2019:

Z-drone as a VLS (vertical launching system):

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