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Who we are

Aguonadrones is a company engaged in the development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). We are an enthusiastic group of people with a professional attitude at our work specializing in UAV technologies produced by Aguonadrones brand from Vilnius, Lithuania, EU. Our company was founded some years ago by a group of enthusiasts who were just starting to get involved in a completely new hobby in the world - FPV drone racing. Having some professional skills in various useful areas, we decided to start our work as an online store specializing in UAV systems and FPV equipment.

Aguonadrones is an international system integrator of unmanned solutions. Our company implements industry solutions, provides services with drones and is engaged in the processing of data received from UAVs. Aguonadrones owns and delivers all the components of the technology of unmanned aerial vehicles for aerial photography and geological exploration, including avionics, sensors, communication and control systems, development and production of gliders and copters, data processing and visualization software. The company’s structure includes its own engineering and production units.


Our mission

To develop high performance and reliable products always trying to be step by step with market demand is our mission. Aguonadrones company develops and produces UAVs and racing drones for different use and working with other private UAV projects.


Our services

Scanning territories, creating orthophotomaps, 3D models, performing geodetic work, using drones in precision farming, all this is possible with UAVs from Aguonadrones. The possibilities of using UAVs are now very wide: from video surveillance from the air and art filming to inspection of industrial facilities and mapping. In addition, drones are often applied in solving non-trivial tasks such as observing wild animals in their natural habitats, exploring volcanoes or glaciers, conducting search and rescue operations, and many others. UAVs are classified depending on the design, which in turn affects their flight characteristics.

Products offered by the Aguonadrones online store can be applied in the following areas:

  • Agriculture

  • Forestry

  • Geology and mining

  • Surveying and cartography

  • Infrastructure and transport

  • Territorial communities

  • Regional development

  • Construction and architecture

  • Telecommunications

  • Ecology and nature

  • Energy and oil and gas


Types of UAVs manufactured by Aguonadrones


Unmanned aerial vehicles (quadrocopters, drones) have long and firmly entered the field of observation, video filming and just entertainment. In a very short period of time, the drones received such functions that the usual methods of photo and video were lagged far behind, even if we are talking about using action cameras with manual stabilizers. Aguonadrones is one of the European leader in the design and "drone building" of compact and ultralight drones with a camera.  Like all technical devices, radio-controlled drones for video shooting also have their own classification. Basically, it concerns the number of motors. Therefore, you can buy professional drones with a camera of the type such as:

  • tricopter;

  • quadrocopter;

  • hexacopter;

  • optocopter.

The most common way to control a drone for video shooting is radio control. Depending on the model, the radio control distance can vary between 1 - 5 km.



3D printing in drone building

Drones are a trend that is growing every day, and 3D printing is the technology that drives these developments. Following our mission to keep up with the times and to be step by step with market demand, Aguonadrones also successfully uses 3D printing in drone building. Many parts for drones and even a fully 3D-printed drone can be printed on a 3D printer. Thus, thanks to the 3D printer, the issues concerning such drone components as the frame, case, or bracket for the multicopter camcorder can be resolved within a few hours.

3D printing of the drone is a layered materialization of individual parts of the drone, from which a full-fledged device is assembled. On our website, you will find many different parts and components of drones printed on a 3D printer, or the Aguonadrones specialists will help you create the right model for your drone using a 3D printer. In addition, drones often break and crash into objects, which leads to damage to parts. Using a 3d printing, we can recreate parts for the drone. All non-electronic parts of the drone can be printed.

Advantages of 3D printing in drone building include:

  • profitability;

  • high quality of printing;

  • printing of high complexity parts;

  • manufacturing speed;

  • a variety of materials for making drones.


Why people choose Aguonadrones

In our store, you can find any equipment that suits you. Aguonadrones online store offers drones with varying degrees of autonomy - from remotely controlled to fully automatic, and which also vary in design, purpose, and many other parameters. The best conditions, guaranteed high-quality service, maintenance as well as direct deliveries make Aguonadrones an online store with the largest range of products. Here you can choose and buy drones, aircraft platforms, drone frames, quadrocopters and multicopters, as well as a variety of unmanned solutions.


In addition, we offer cameras and sensors, manual stabilizers and suspensions, data processing software, motors as well as all the necessary accessories. Here you can find various FPV systems for first-person flights and video broadcasts from a radio-controlled model such as racing drone, ultralight 3D printed drone, cinewhoop drone, whoop drone, 3D printed toothpick drone, t12 and t16 jumpers, 3D printed frame as well as ultralight drones of different sizes - under 100 g drone, 3" drone or 2.5" drone, racing drones under 250 grams, and ultralight drone frames. All this can be bought in one store and at the best prices.


All products of the Aguonadrones online store are provided with an official guarantee from the manufacturer. We carry out fast delivery from the warehouse in any way convenient for you. You can pay for your purchase online, by bank transfer, or in cash upon receipt of the goods. You can always get a free consultation from our qualified specialists and choose the best drone option to solve your problems.

Daiktu fotografavimas DRONAS 2020 Sauliu

Who we are

We are enthusiastic group of people
with professional attitude at their
best capabilities specializing in UAV
technologies by Aguona brand from
Vilnius, Lithuania, EU.

What we do

Our mission

We develop and produce serial
grade UAV's mostly bellow 250 G weight for different use and working with
other private UAV projects.

To deliver high performance, reliable and user friendly products always trying to be step by step with market demand.